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Precious Onwurah

Hey, my name is Chinemerem Precious Onwurah but on this unique platform, I’m known as PreshGold. You’re most welcome to an amazing moment with the Incorruptible builders. Precious is a God lover, a teacher, entrepreneur, digital marketer, blogger and financial coach. She Started out writing a blog with the aim of evangelism(spreading the gospel of Christ to individuals from all parts of the world) from her own little corner.

About Incorruptible Builders

Overtime we’ve seen and had leaders on all spheres of influence come from amongst the people. The chance is that the number of Christlike leaders currently on seat are very minute and people lament of poor leaders, poor leadership, etc 

I always see it as something that starts within… they didn’t become poor leaders because of the position they hold in all spheres of influence but they lead us poorly because overtime they’ve grown with that mindset… To become a true ambassador of Christ representing him in any sphere, you must first of all vert yourself. A true and good Christian will make a true and good leader because it takes more than affirmation to be called a Christian.


We are set to raise Christ ambassadors who are positively managing different spheres of influence.


Incorruptible builders blog is all about building Christians who exude Christ, balanced in all ramification. I share weekly insights on how one can truly live a balanced Christian life. Do you seek a personal relationship with God? Do you want to be a kingdom financier? Do you want to know how best to manage your relationship with your spouse or with people in general as well as knowing how to matter even in the tiniest part of the world?

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